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Students at LeAF Studio are able to develop their musicianship through both recognised qualifications and technical training in practical performance skills.

The new Edexcel GCSE in Music gives students an unrivalled opportunity to develop skills in performance, composition and analysing musical works from a variety of genres and time periods. This analysis allows them a wide and comprehensive understanding of music and its creation – using a contemporary selection of eight compositions that are exciting and engaging.

Performances and compositions work hand in hand with the training and technical sessions offered by LeAF Studio in the timetable and provide a strong platform for reaching the highest grades of attainment. Students have the chance to explore more traditional performance, vocal-led arranging and constructing compositions with Music Technology across our range of Apple Mac computers using both Garageband and Logic Pro.

There is a well-sized recording studio with isolated live room for documenting their work and housing small performances.

Students have the chance to work independently alongside the course in a selection of one-on-one peripatetic lessons in a growing selection of instruments.

The chance to perform both in school and outside at local venues helps build their ‘real-world’ experience and grows their knowledge of techniques beyond the classroom.

After Year 11, the opportunities continue, with a selection of BTEC courses and A Levels in Music and Music Technology both offered by LeAF Studio to maximise the specialist skills students have developed through their time here.

If you are interested or wish to ask for any further information, please email our Teacher of Music, Mr Hayman at

Students embarking on these courses will also have access to vocational opportunities to ensure that all students have an appropriate skill set for a working musician.

As part of their Music studies, students will have the opportunity to perform in or produce several productions each year, both at LeAF Studio and at professional venues locally and further afield. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of workshops to suit their needs.


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