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LeAF Studio has an ongoing collaborative relationship with local clubs in order to support young swimmers to reach their potential both athletically and academically. Our extended timetable provides the opportunity for student athletes to complete individualised land-based / strength and conditioning training with our own experienced and qualified coaches, planned and delivered in conjunction with the needs and aspirations set out both by the athlete and their swim coach. We appreciate that being a committed swimming athlete requires considerable self-management skills in order to be successful in both their sport and their studies, and our unique Project Based Learning approach enables our students to learn and understand how to develop and employ these skills for training, competition and academic study. We are justly proud and celebrate the achievements of our past and present student athletes, who have been successful at regional, national and British championship level. If you would like to discuss in more detail about how LeAF Studio can help you achieve your swimming performance goals as well as your academic aspirations


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